Where Our Soul Goes When We Dream, According To Native Americans

The dream world is a real world. In the background of New Age and New Spirituality, we may say that Natives believe the dream world to be an astral plane that our souls go to each night for the purpose of self-exploration and growth.


Dreams were no joke, and were not to be taken lightly. They were thought of as the main communication medium where Spirit could give us guidance without infringing upon our free will. Because Spirit cannot interfere with our souls development, it has to allow us to make our own mistakes and learn our lessons. But by communicating to us through dreams and dream symbolism, we can receive guidance while maintaining our free will.

So, where do our souls go when we dream? One of our souls goes to a spiritual plane guided by our Spiritual Mentors to help us evolve, while the other two remain in the body keeping it alive. If the Natives were right and one of our souls travels to a spiritual schoolhouse each night, it would be wise to start reflecting on the dreams you have each night. They may just hold the answers you are looking for. (Source)

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