Cops Fatally Shoot PREGNANT Native American Woman On Tribal Land


Davis had a third child, 5, who was at the home of a family friend Friday.

Bargala says that she didn’t know whether or not her sister owned a handgun, although Davis says she did have a hunting rifle. “She loved hunting,” Bargala explained.

Nina Shapiro, writing for the Seattle Times, reports that “Davis had recently killed an elk and a deer, butchered the animals herself and divided the meat among her family.”

“I still have elk in my freezer,” Bargala said.

Davis also loved working outdoors and participated in a fisheries training program, her sister said. More recently, she worked as a teacher’s aide in a Head Start preschool program.

Bargala said she had never known Davis to be violent, or even to discipline her kids harshly. “She was such a soft person,” Bargala said.

They grew up in a family of seven kids, including two of Davis’ biological sisters and other foster children taken in by Bargala’s parents. Davis, of Native American heritage, came to live with the family on the Muckleshoot reservation when she was in elementary school.

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